Sumerlin & Connor

We're all ready for Spring, aren't we? I wanted to share a few highlights from Sumerlin and Connor's wedding from last Spring, as well as a visit I had with Sumerlin in New York City in the fall. Their wedding was in Birmingham, Alabama and my friend Alyssa came along to photograph it with me. My favorite details were definitely her handmade dress (made by a friend) and their handsome pup, George Michael, who they included in the wedding photos. 

Tell us about yourselves and your adventure to NYC!

"Connor and I are both from Alabama and met while waiting to audition for a student film at UA. (Neither of us are aspiring actors so clearly it was fate). After a few years of dating we got engaged in Iceland under a literally perfect rainbow. I still don’t know how he planned that. We both work (or want to work) in film so we knew we would be moving to New York or LA after our wedding. Connor spent most of our engagement period applying to graduate film programs. During our honeymoon, we found out that he got into Columbia and since we both preferred New York, we made the decision right then and there. We moved here last August and so far its been a challenging but amazing experience. The first two things I was surprised to find out were #1 It is JUST as hot here as it is in the South and #2 New Yorkers are actually insanely friendly."

Rachel Moore Photography

Tell us about your wedding experience.  Any advice for brides planning their weddings?

"My advice to future brides is to allow people to help you so you can enjoy it.  I tried to do everything myself.  But the best part of the whole experience for me was getting to spend time with friends and family before we moved away.  Looking back on it, I wish our reception had lasted 5 more hours so I could have been able to actually talk to all the people I hadn't seen in a while.  Another piece of advice: Do not under any circumstances procrastinate on writing thank you notes."


This past fall I had a trip to NYC planned to see my husband's band play a show and to meet my in-laws there as well.  I got in touch with Sumerlin and she graciously invited me to visit her apartment. After a busy day of transportation and trying to navigate around the city by myself via subways, it was such a relief to finally see Sumerlin and chill for a bit in her cozy apartment.

Rachel Moore Photography

Ceremony: First United Methodist in Birmingham, Reception: Clubhouse on Highland, Bride's Dress: Shaylyn LeCroy